What I'm Reading: September

Even when I'm deep in deadline mode (currently working on my upcoming second novel, Riot Street) I still make time to read. This month I've got an eclectic selection to recommend, starting with Noah Hawley's Before the Fall. 

I became a fan of Hawley's after the first season of his Fargo television adaptation, and continue to admire his talent for creating complex and engaging characters. The same holds true in Before the Fall, where a plane crash becomes the inception for both an investigation of foul play in the present and a series of character vignettes from the past. I won't spoil it for you, but if you enjoy a bit of whodunit mystery with sharp and incisive social commentary, you'll enjoy this fast-paced suspense novel.

The second book in my reading list this month is Broken Harbor by Tana French. I first discovered French's work when I happened to pick up her debut novel In the Woods. Set in Dublin, each of her police detective mysteries follow characters within the department's Murder Squad. Not merely police procedurals or the average noir mystery, French's works are psychologically manipulative. She excels at turning corners at high rates of speed. I highly recommend In the Woods and The Likeness as my favorites so far. For the best experiences, read in order of publication. While each is a standalone story, you'll get a better appreciation for the setting and interlocking characters by following the threads from one book to the next.

Before the Fall
By Noah Hawley