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Sometimes I need silence. Other times I enjoy that unobtrusive white noise of docile conversation. But mostly, I prefer to write to music. And with each new project, I curate a different background soundtrack to put me in the right mood and keep me there. While I continue to write Riot Street, my current playlist is a collection of '90s throwbacks with a little Lorde thrown in. The inspiration was a need for easy jams that would stimulate my brain but not distract me. Though there are a few angsty hard rock songs thrown in (I couldn't pass up Stabbing Westward), this playlist primarily features Radiohead, Lorde, Fiona Apple, R.E.M., and Live, and was designed around Radiohead's "Talk Show Host", featured on the Rome + Juliet soundtrack. 

The playlist is arranged mostly by album, but I prefer to shuffle.

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